Quick Sausage Curry cooking

Sausages are an excellent resource for the gluten avoider, tasty and economical. As far as I can tell it all started with Tesco’s finest range going gluten free. I.e. the rusk content (all traditional British sausages to a greater or lesser extent contain cereals) does not include wheat, barley or rye. I still prefer those but all the main supermarkets now have a similar range including LIDL and ALDI. All good. For this recipe I used Tesco’s finest Lincoln style sausages, their herby flavour works well for me but you can use whatever suits you or is to hand.

This recipe is sufficient for two good sized portions. This is a readily cooked, tasty and economical curry, add more sausages for bigger appetites.

Quick Sausage Curry


Nothing special, for two, three or sometimes even four portions I use my favourite heavy bottomed, non stick and ridged, lidded saute pan as shown.



Lightly oven bake the sausages until just beginning turn brown. Put to one side.

Fry the finely chopped onion, garlic and celery until soft and golden in a little ghee or oil. Having mixed together all the dry spices sprinkle over the cooked onions and combine. Turn down the heat and cook dry for a few minutes. Pour in can of chopped tomatoes and heat through stirring regulary until a pulpy consistency is achieved.

Add the cooked sausages cut cleanly into quarters then add the green vegetables and mushrooms chopped to 12cm size pieces. Stir together and add boiling water to barely cover. Season to taste and turn down heat to simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are cooked to your liking.

Before serving blend in finely chopped fresh coriander leaves to garnish.

Serve with rice of your choice, and papadums.


Note: You might find it hard to find Hing in a gluten free form. If that is the case leave it out. Even if you do find one which is not made with wheat the likely risk for Coeliacs due to potential cross contamination would be quite high. I use a brand called TOP-OP which is made with rice flour. So far without ill effect.