The Entire, Absolute, Complete, Unabridged, Unedited, Unnecessary, Written, Sort-of-Poetical Works of Paul Stephen Warwick, C. Eng, MIET, Bsc (retired)

Godless One-time Has-been of this Parish. General Nutter, Full Time Dosser and Scourge to All Men of Faith, Tradition and Fixed Opinion.

I dedicate these works to all those who have thought me to be an arrogant, loud-mouthed, contrarian, opinionated, self-righteous know-all with grateful thanks for their complements. I have done my best to not live up to any expectations. I apologise if the truth has given any undue offence. I have always tried to give a proper and fair amount of offence where it has been justifiably earned and to not be anything like what anybody would like me to be like.



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At The Tomb Of The Not Unknown Warrior

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