This is Opvscvla, the Soul and Small Work of a Small Hominid.

As a minimum I will complete

An Online Presence

A website called OPVSCVLA principally containing my creative work including publishable parts of my autobiographical scrapbook (entitled 71) or links thereto and other interests.

An ongoing Blog with occasional contributions from my alter egos Rafe Beedeeeye and Godfree Finker at Spindriftpages - Blog which will be mainly used to report updates to the website.

An Autobiography

Consisting of:-

Sullen - A collection of writing in a poetic style, book form (a continuous project)

71 - A collection of auto-biographical chapters, texts, tracts, essays, rants, my theories, ideas etc. on various subjects, book form (a continuous project)

Blue in Green - A hand written and painted book of words, images and poems contemplating the transcendent nature of timeless moments. (Work in progress)

Paintings and other Art Works

The Male Line

Samuel Stephen Warwick 1840-1910, oil on canvas
Samuel Stephen Warwick 1873-1931, oil on canvas
Percival Stephen Warwick 1922-2015, oil on canvas
Paul Stephen Warwick 1948 -?, oil on canvas, a self portrait in five parts:-
Part 1, Body, oil on canvas
Part 2, Soul, oil on canvas
Part 3, Promise, oil on canvas
Part 4, Shostakoviching and other Memes, oil on canvas
Part 5, Fucked or Fantasy, You Decide, oil on canvas
Samuel Paul Warwick, pencil sketch on canvas
Zackery and Alicia Warwick, oil on canvas (not started)


Ragged Robin, Watercolour on paper, original sold
Lesser Celandine, Watercolour on paper, original sold
Red Campion, Watercolour on paper
Field Geranium, Watercolour on paper
Field Scabious, Watercolour on paper
Lesser Knapweed, Watercolour on paper
Clematis montana, Mayleen, Watercolour on paper
Clematis alpina, Francis Rivis, Watercolour on paper
Fuchsia, President George Bartlett, Watercolour on paper
Daffodils, Watercolour on paper
Fritillaria Meleagris, Watercolour on paper

Other Paintings and Drawings

Cottages in Avebury, sketch in pencil (In honour of my first sexual encounter)
The Witch of Atlas, watercolour on board, from the Witch of Atlas by Shelley (Belongs to Zoe)
The Post Office, Watercolour on paper, from the Post Office by Fleur Adcock
The Bridge Inn, Watercolour on paper, from Gaudete by Ted Hughes
No. 1 Hurst Road, watercolour on paper (my first adult painting and the view from our first home at No. 8 The Drive Walthamstow)
Wine glass with leather bound books (my first oil painting, belongs to Becky)
Portrait of Sharon Warwick, oil on canvas
Sharon Warwick, Footstract, oil on canvas
Daisy Payne, oil on canvas, (Belongs to Zoe)
Jade and Paige, oil on canvas
Untitled (Work in Progress)

Other Works

Beside The Seaside. Pair of photographs:-
Elsie and Charlie
Paul and Sharon
Concept work:-
The Ill Gotten Gains Jar (Work in Progress)

Miscellaneous Doings

Build a garden with a pond (in progress)
Build a house with a library (in progress)

I am 71 years of age and I have chosen these things to guide my efforts and define the remainder of my life. I thus restrain and contain myself because I have already had a life worth living. I have often been unhappy but never, never for one smallest thought or moment, have I been either discontented with my lot or out of love with my wife.

I make no recommendations but these:-

Above all love yourself, be yourself!
Love all the other animals and respect their rights!
Demand the same in return!
Fight for these things your whole life!

Beethovens String Quartet Opus 130!
Kind of Blue by Miles Davis!

This is my life and I love it. I wish myself luck to see it through as I would hope.

Paul Stephen Warwick 4th December 2019